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The Library is open


Collages made out of art books & catalogues at the artist's private residence, during Covid 19 quarantine.


״... every day he composed a new collage from the existing materials, and called each of them by the names of their source. The re-framing of the elements he chose, allowed him to preserve some of the characteristics of the photographic action. "I created the series in home intimacy, unlike what I am used to. The new images I composed are characterised by an uncanny atmosphere, and they include many gestures and impossible connections between artists and works from different periods."

He shared the products on social media under the name "The library is open". Over time, more and more collages were added, which together look like a modest visual mapping of works of art."

(Chen-li Gal, Galleria, Haaretz)

Source: "A young woman staring at a painting by Ed Reinhardt, The Israel Museum" By Yoav Roccas, 2004 & UNTITLED 1995-1996 by Shosh Kormush (from HA'MEORER Magazine #14, 2001)

Source: Nir Evron's catalogue MASAD 2016 & THE MOON 1968-1972 edited by Evan Backes and Tom Adler

Source: Moshe Kupferman from "16 Unit Group", 2000 (b&w version published on HA'MEORER Magazine #14, 2001) & FRESH WIDOW, 1920 (replica, 1964) by Marcel Duchamp (from "Contemporary Art : The first 100 years" 2005)

Source: MEMORY by Ania Krupiakov, 2007 & UNTITLED by Tal Mazliach, 1997

Source: Yael Yudkovik (installation view) from THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON THE PREVENTION AND CARE OF PRESSURE ULCERS, 2019 & HUKOK (AUTUMN) 2014 by Yael Meiry (from DOING RIGHT BY YOU, 2018)

Source: Kinderstube, 2008 by Pesi Girsch & Clutch 8, 2010 By Antony Gormley

Source: YUVAL AND GAL, 2015 by Yuval Atzili (image from video, SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT catalauge) & 26 TEXTS BY GAVIN WADE AND FRIENDS, 2017

Galleria, Haaretz

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