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2020-2021 MA (magna cum laude) The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (BE)

2012-2016 B.F.A (magna cum laude) The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (ISR)

2014-2015 Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK), University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany (winter semester)

2010 Digital photography diploma graduate, Minshar of arts, Tel Aviv



Solo and duo exhibitions

5/2024 Figure of Work, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

2/2024 Preface at The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv, IL

3/2023 Salon and Darkroom at Contemporary Art Center Ramla CACR, IL

9-10/2018 Relative Humidity at Artspace TLV, Tel Aviv (Catalogue)

7-10/2018 Blue line duo exhibition with Sarai Himelfarb at Art Cube Artist’s Studio, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

12/2016 - 01/2017 Remodeling at WTA Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Catalogue)

Group exhibitions 

2024 The Life of Things, Lentos Art Museum Linz, Austria (Market Reeve’s House, Lauffen, AT)

12/2023-1/2024 Spectrum of Lights, Nassima Landau Art Foundation, Tel Aviv, ISR

12/2023 We Support, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, ISR

10/2023 Various Forms of Sensibility, Hyb4 Galerie, Prague, CZ

6-7/2022 Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum / Pireso 138 , Athens GR

6-7/2022 Start Point Prize, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL

4/2022 The Villa (NFT art exhibition), Mona Art Club, Tel Aviv

12/2021-1/2022 The Institution, Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Israel

12/2021-1/2022 Prix Photoforum Pasquart 2021, Biel Switzerland

12/2021-1/2022 Start Point Prize Shortlist artists exhibition, Prague, Czech-republic

11/2021 To Be Antwerp (Art Festival), Antwerp Belgium

9-10/2021 [moody piano music playing], Photo Museum of Antwerp FOMU

7-8/2021 Onboards Biennale, Antwerp Belgium

7/2021 E N C O R E !, The Glitzy Building, Antwerp Belgium

6/2021 Master Expo, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

3/2021 pictu>re>image, Wintertuin (Curator: Spank Moons)

12/2020 Closed (Closer), The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

6/2020 Expansion, The Edmond de Rotschild Center, Tel Aviv

4/2020 NITE Hotel - Digital art festival (Netherlands)

12/2019 In Print Art Book Fair, Hanses House, Jerusalem

12/2019 Spectrum (Bush collective) at the lgbtq center, Tel Aviv

8/2019 Issues, at Beit Romano, Tel Aviv

5-6/2019 Walls Have Ears V.2, Idris collective at Oded Shatil Gallery, Tel Aviv

4/2019 Album, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

4/2019 Salon Kandinof, Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

3-6/2019 Function.Anomy (Intermission collective) at the Rathaus Reinickendorf - Berlin, DE

3/2019 Walls Have Ears V.1, Idris collective (Hybrid Art, Madrid art week) - Madrid, Spain

11/2018 CHAI, at Bialik Rogozin (fundraising exhibition), Tel Aviv

5/2018 Teder Print Fair,, Tel Aviv

4/2018 Fresh paint art fair 10, Tel Aviv Convention Center, Tel Aviv (Catalogue)

2/2018 Barrow, at Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv

9/2017 Fool’s Gold, ArtSpace TLV

8/2017 Cluster, Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

7/2017 Art-to-get (Art fair) Artspace TLV, Tel Aviv

7/2017 Barbur B&B (group exhibition & 24 hours residency), Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

6/2017 The Sone and The Territory, at Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

3-5/17 HINENI, at Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

3-4/2017 Fresh paint art fair 9, Tel Aviv (Catalogue)

7/2016 Graduates exhibition, The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

5/2014 - 6/2016 Omanut Gea, Under 1000 Gallery, Tel Aviv

06/2015 Imag(in)ing Identity at Victoria-Kaserne, Hamburg, Germany

06/2015 Projection Nights, Hangar 9 - Carouge, Switzerland

05/2015 Teimot, Ha’Teiva Theatre, Jaffa

02/2015 Jahresausstellung 2015 at HFBK- Hamburg, Germany

02/2015 On Friday the 13’th, ASA studios - Hamburg, Germany

01/2015 ÜBER ETWAS UND ETWAS ANDERES at greskewitz | kleinitz | galerie, Hamburg DE

01/2014 Animal Farm, Gerard Bachar Theatre, Jerusalem

Curatorial Projects 

6/202 Foreshadowing, Edmond de Rothchild Center , Tel Aviv

4/2023 Text(ile), Nahalat Binyamin 5, Tel Aviv (co-curated with Camea Smith)

6/2020 LAST CALL, Indie Photography Gallery, Tel Aviv

4/2020 NITE Hotel, Netherlands | 'External practices' by artist Chen Cohen

1/2020 (Yes, I) Packed Alone Yaron Shin (Jewboy), Studio Irit Hayon, Tel Aviv

6/2019 No Rainbows Without Rain, Studio Irit Hayon, Tel Aviv

8-9/2017 Talking Bones, group exhibition (co-curated with Bar Yerushalmi) at Artspace Tel Aviv


Awards, Grants, Scholarships 


2024 The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv, ISR

2023 Ministry of Culture Young Artist Award Recipient, 2023 (ISR) | פרס האמן הצעיר של משרד התרבות

2023 Scholarship for exhibition production by The Leon Recanatti Memorial Center Foundation (ISR)

2023 Asylum Arts (NYC) grants for project development

2022 ARCAthens Fall 2022 Visual Art Fellowships recipient

2022 'Plat(t)form 2022' Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

2022 Wallpaper Magazine ‘Next Generation 2022’ (UK)

2021-2 'Prix Photoforum Pasquart’ Bienne, Switzerland (Shortlist + exhibition)

2021 Recipient artist of The Roger De Conynck Emerging Photographer Prize (Kind Baudouin Foundation), Belgium

2021 Start Point Prize Prague, CZ (Shortlist + exhibition)

2021 Blurring The Lines, Italy (Shortlist)

2021 Horlait-Depsens foundation prize, Belgium (Shortlist)

20-21 Recipient artist of the Lucy Art Residency, Greece (Visual Artist Working with Photography)

2018 Scholarship for catalogue production by Magen Halutz, Relative Humidity (solo show)

2018 Exhibition’s production scholarship (Relative Humidity) by The Insall Millow Foundation for Contemporary Art

2016 Excellence scholarship by “SBY art matters” & “Media Company”

2015 Academic excellence Award, Excellence scholarship Department of Theory and History, Bezalel Academy.


Artist in residence 

2023 MeetFactory, Prague, The Czech Republic

2022 ARCAthens Fall 2022 Visual Art Residency Fellowships recipient

2021 Lucy Art Residency, Kavala, Greece

2017 Barbur B&B- Barbur gallery, Jerusalem

2016-7 WTA (Werner Thoni Art Space), Barcelona (Spain)


Selected articles and critiques 

6/2024 Galleria, Haaretz | "Assaf Hinden positions the viewer at the core, providing an optimistic, empowering, and humanistic Perspective" by Avi Pitchon ("Figure of Work", Solo exhibition) (Hebrew)| LINK

6/2024 *Wallpaper Magazine (UK) | Looking at people looking at art: inside the mind of a gallery attendant (Feature, "Figure of Work"), by Kyle MacNeill | LINK

5/2024 Portfolio Magazine | To Observe the Observed: Assaf Hinden at Braverman Gallery, by Reut Barnea (Hebrew) | LINK

3/2024 Galleria, Haaretz | The Space dreams itself by Ouzi Tzur (Preface, solo exhibition) (Hebrew)| LINK

6/2023 Galleria, Haaretz | Sketched Memories by Naama Riba ('Salon and Darkroom') | LINK

1/2022 *Wallpaper Magazine (Next Generation 2022) | Photographer Assaf Hinden: ownership, preservation and the manipulation of images by Sophie Galdstone | LINK

8/2021 Metropolis M (NL) | Meeting point between the past and the present by curator and writer Ive Stevenheydens

2020 Les nouveaux riches | Media practice: Assaf Hinden | LINK

2020 Portfolio Magazine | Last Call: When artists photograph overseas by Yuval Saar (Hebrew)

2020 Galleria, Ha’aretz | Last Chance to by Naama Riba (Hebrew) | LINK

2020 Galleria, Haaretz | Photographer Assaf Hinden reassembles the image by Chen-li Gal (Hebrew) | LINK

2020 Galleria, Haaretz | If it’s beautiful, it might be right by Avi Pitchon

2019 Haaretz | Walls Have Ears by Uzi Tzur

2018 Ha’musach: Literary supplement | Yair Dovrat on Assaf Hinden’s exhibition ‘Relative Humidity’ By Yair Dovrat (Hebrew) | LINK

2018 Timeout Tel Aviv | 9 Artists to watch by Nadav Newman (Hebrew) | LINK

2018 Portfolio Magazine | Ma Kore Assaf Hinden interview by Yuval Saar (Hebrew) | LINK

2017 Erev Rav | Look! You can begin to see something! by Keren Goldberg (Hebrew) | LINK

2017 Galleria, Haaretz | Fantasy of preservation by Dr. Shaul Setter (Hebrew) | LINK

2017 Portfolio Magazine | During movement by Hagit Peleg Rotem | Link (Hebrew) | LINK

2016 Galleria, Haaretz | The few stars of Bezalel by Uzi Zur | Link (Hebrew) | LINK

Selected lectures and seminars

2023 Portfolio Website Seminar, The Bezalel Academy’s Photography department, Jerusalem, Israel

11/2022 Artist lecture and seminar at the Academy of Fine Arts of Athens, Greece (ASFA)

10/2022 Artist lecture at EMST (The National Museum of Contemporary Art), Athens, Greece

6/2022 Art is in The House | Artist talk and lecture with David Adika, Soho House Tel Aviv-Jaffa


2021 Blurring The Lines (Italy) | Link

9-10/2018 Relative Humidity | articles by Yael Klein & Dr. Noa Hazan (produced by Magen Halutz)

Relevant employment history and freelance work

2021-2022 Assistant Curator and gallery manager, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (35 Gordon St.)

2019-2022 Art consultant and curator of Israeli Art Collection, ICL Logistics Ltd
2021 Fashion Campaign for designer Noga Karpel, Belgium

2021 Furnitures Campaign for Thomas Van Noten, Belgium

2020 Fashion Campaign for designer Ligal Melamed, Tel Aviv

2016-2017 Product photographer, image retoucher, and video editor, MID DIAMONDS, Ramat Gan IL

2010-2012 Time Out Tel Aviv Magazine photographer

2010-2011 Founder of TULIQ, Tel Aviv

Group exhibitions
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