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Figure of Work

Solo exhibition at Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

May—July 2024​

Curated by Adi Gura

For more images and information, contact Braverman Gallery:

Address: Eilat 33, Tel Aviv ; Tue-Thu 11-18 ; Fri-Sat 11-14

 🔗​ Link [1] ; Avi Pitchon for Galleria, Haaretz: Assaf Hinden positions the viewer at the core, providing an optimistic, empowering, and humanistic Perspective (Hebrew, contact for translation)

 🔗​ Link [2] ; Kyle MacNeill for *Wallpaper MagazineLooking at people looking at art: inside the mind of a gallery attendant, Featuring "Figure of Work"

Exhibition views and works documentation: Daniel Hanoch

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